Ubuntu v2

Ubuntu v2

Linux on your mobile phone - almost


  • Impressive background wallpaper
  • Smart color scheme


  • Icons are quite childish

Very good

If you're a fan of the Linux operating system then you're in for a treat if you install the Ubuntu v2 them on your Series 60 device.

Ubuntu v2 adds a striking black background image of the logo of the popular Linux distribution. It also applies a cool analog clock to the home screen, as well as changing the overall color scheme of the S60 user interface to an attractive orange and gray affair.

The Ubuntu v2 theme adds an impressive array of new icons to your system's menus. However, some people may find the design of these buttons a little amateurish.

Overall though, Ubuntu v2 is an excellent way to show your love of the penguin!

Ubuntu v2


Ubuntu v2

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